Customs Services Declaration of Environmental Product Tax

Environmental product tax’s declaration and payment have gained significance in recent years.

Its management was assigned to the Customs and Finance Guard in 2008. The informational campaign failed to meet its objectives, as there are a large number of companies operating in Hungary who have no information at all about their obligations related to the environmental product tax.

Obviously, the Customs and Finance Guard takes all measures to collect the environmental product tax (approx. HUF 400 billion/year). This activity is marked by a growing number of their surveillance.

By auditing the activities of our customers, we are able to provide a reliable statement, whether the tax is relevant to the given enterprise, and if so, whether it is obliged to make declarations and payment of the product tax.

Szentex Ltd. is offering its clients the required data needed for the declaration of the environmental product tax since 2004. And since 2008 — if commissioned — it has prepared the necessary declarations as well.

Our colleagues can offer the following service in line with the need of customers:

  • Assessment of obligations regarding product tax
  • Environmental product tax consultancy
  • Planning and implementation of environmental product tax systems
  • Management of environmental product tax records
  • Preparation of avowals
  • Product tax representation