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Szentex Ltd. is meeting all the relevant challenges for the satisfaction of our partners.

Our company has been founded in 1991 for traditional foreign trade services. The long term successful operation was based upon the new possibilities for private export/import after 1990 and for the experiences of the founders in this field.


More than 20 years of experience...
1991 At the beginning, we have undertaken the foreign trade activities of different new private companies from contracting through customs clearance to home deliveries.
1994 Later on, by employing new staff, it was possible to widen our activities by integrating previously outsourced jobs, mainly in the field of logistics. From 1994, the two main areas separated quite well: trading and logistics/customs services.
1996 In 1996, Szentex Ltd. became the sole agent of the Austrian Werba Trade House, thus representing leading European producers in this country. As a result, it became possible to supply specialities of those producers for the Hungarian industry as the basis of our commerce. Our engineers and experts are meeting all the relevant challenges for the satisfaction of our customers.
2004 Hungary’s accession to the EU brought new challenges. The first field was the obligatory statistical recording of products coming to the EU (Intrastat) and by the treatment of the environmental product tax. The second field was the management and clearance of products coming from a third country into another EU member state other than Hungary.
2008 We also opened a new office, new warehouses, and employed new staff. Beside customs simplification and conventional customs clearance, we started to offer our customers a guarantee licence, public customs warehousing, tax warehousing and temporary storage.

The number of our customers is remarkably higher than it was before Hungary’s accession. We offer our services in Hungary, Slovenia and Germany as well.


Based on knowledge and experience
Balázs Szentkláraymanaging director
András Kacskovicscustoms expert
Ferenc Horváthproject manager (sales)
Gabriella Mátécustoms coordinator