Customs Services Customs and Tax Warehousing, Storage

We offer customs/tax warehousing and temporary or inland storage to our customers.

Customs Warehousing

Products imported from a third (i.e. non-EU) country, and not cleared for free trade, can be stored without the payment of customs duties and VAT.

These duties are to be paid when the products are sold or used. In case of highly valuable products, this solution may be an alternative for avoiding immediate financing. In this case, customs duties and VAT are to be paid when the goods are actually used.

We operate a public customs warehouse. However, under proper contractual conditions, we can offer this service to our customers’ own sites as well. This solution—with the advantages mentioned above—provides considerable saving of warehouse rents too.

Tax Warehousing

There are some EU member states where the legal institution of tax warehousing is not applied. However, Hungary—on the basis of the Italian example—operates this type of warehousing. Tax warehousing means that sales and purchases realized in such warehouses are exempt from VAT—even though the products are sold and purchased in Hungary.

For further information, please contact our staff.

Temporary Storage

Temporary warehouses are for storing products that are subject to customs formalities but for some reason, their customs destination cannot be realized immediately. In this case, the products can be stored for 20 days without the payment of fees (customs duties, VAT etc.). This means that the transport equipment can be unloaded, and the consigner is required to make a decision about the customs destination of the goods within 20 days. This period can be extended once for another 20 days.

Our company as a forwarder and authorised consignee, operates its temporary store on the location of Száva Street.

Inland Storage

To meet the requirement of several customers, we offer opportunities to store domestic goods as well. It was a practical step to develop our activity in this field, as it makes sense for our clients to have their consignments — whether they are cleared or stored in a special tax or VAT store — on the same location.